Newsletter- Ordibehesht98- Ms. Malek

Dear parents:

You are kindly informed that in our English class these subjects have been covered in one month since 6th April to 22nd May.

Skills Contents
Reading ·        Reading and understanding captions of key words.

·        Reading and understanding chant and song text.

·        Reading and understanding speech bubbles.

·        Reading and understanding speech bubbles in a picture story.

·        Reading and understanding sentences

·        Reading and understanding a recipe

·        Blending individual sounds and letters to create words

·        Reading and understanding a cultural text about packed lunches

·        Reading and understanding a personalization text.

·        Reading and understanding an information poster.

·        Reading and understanding a cultural text about faces in art.

Writing ·        Writing key words.

·        Writing key words or phrases in a sentences.

·        Writing answers to questions.

·        Writing a basic recipe.

·        Writing a simple information poster.

·        Writing a personalization text

Listening ·        Understanding a dialogue

·        Understanding chants and songs

·        Following instructions

·        Understanding and responding to questions

·        Understanding and identifying food.

·        Understanding and identifying different pictures.

·        Can understand a story.

·        Understanding activities in progress.

·        Understanding a process (plant life cycle)

Speaking ·        Chanting and singing the unit chant and songs

·        Understanding and identifying food.

·        Being able to ask and answer about likes and dislikes with food.

·        Being able to act out a story

·        Being able to pronounce j, ss, v and w correctly

·        Being able to ask and answer questions about food.

·        Being able to describe food which is good and bad for us.

·        Being able to ask for food you want and order from a menu.

·        Being able to describe what people are doing.

·        Being able to ask and answer about activities in progress.

·        Being able to describe a scene.

·        Being able to pronounce qu, x, y, z and zz correctly

·        Food: cheese, lemonade, bread, chicken, meat, salad, juice, fruit, yoghurt, milk, sandwich, water, chocolate, honey, vegetables, ice cream, cake

·        CLIL ( social sciences (Food): chips, carrots

·        Culture (packed lunches): packed lunch, sushi, rice.

·        Vocabulary: climb a tree, eat a sandwich, play on the swing, feed the ducks, play on the slide, walk, swing, play on the roundabout, fly, look at the birds, catch a ball, win a match, throw a ball

·        Nouns: tree, flower, bird.

·        CLIL (Science): grow, seed, soil, plant, water, sunshine

·        Culture (world sports): gymnast, ballet dancer, football player, stretching

·        I like (salad) and (meat).

·        I don’t like (bread) and (cheese).

·        Do you like (honey)? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

·        He/ she likes (meat).

·        He/ she doesn’t like (meat).

·        Does she/ he like (fruit)? Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t.

·        It’s good/ bad for me!

·        What are you doing?

·        I’m (playing on the slide). I’m not (eating a sandwich).

·        What’s he/she doing? He’s/she’s (catching a ball). He/she isn’t (walking).

Extra Activity
·        Songs: what are you doing today?

·        Look for a photo

·        We’re at the park.

·        To consolidate the quest vocabulary

·        To review and consolidate language from the course

·        To learn vocabulary relating to Christmas

·        To learn about British culture

·        Target language: reindeer, Santa, sleigh, present, star, sack, stocking, card

·        Receptive language: Christmas tree

·        To learn vocabulary relating to Easter

·        Target language: hop, chick, egg, bunny, jump, turn around, wake up, fall down

·        Domestic animals

·        Wild animals

·        The benefits of some domestic animals

·        Baby animals and their parents

·        The seasons

·        Numbers

·        Diagrams

·        Changes of things

·        More, fewer, equal to

Classroom language

·        Greeting the class

·        Hello. Hi!

·        Good morning.

·        How are you today?

·        Come in.

·        Sit down/ stand up, please.

·        What day is it today?

·        Is everyone here?

·        Is anyone away today?

·        Where is(Ali) today?

·        Starting the lesson

·        Are you ready?

·        Listen to (me).

·        Look at (me/ the board).

·        Take out your (books/ notebooks)

·        Open your book at page (5).

·        Open/ close the door/ window.

·        Be quiet, please!

·        Come to the front of the class.

·        Come to the board.

·        Come here.

·        Line up!

·        Repeat after me.

·        Wait a minute.

·        Hurry up!

·        Show me your (book ).

·        Draw/ color/ stick/ cut out

·        Write the answer on the book.

·        Let’s sing.

·        It’s break time!

·        Next!

·        Again!

·        Do you understand?

·        What do you think?

·        Are you finished?

·        What can you see?

·        Any questions?

·        Well done!

·        Excellent!

·        That’s correct!

·        Thank you!

·        Work in pairs.

·        Who’s your partner?

·        Tell me/ your friend

·        Ask me/ your partner

·        Put your books away

·        Tidy up!

·        Goodbye!

·        See you tomorrow!

·        I understand/ I don’t understand.

·        May I go to the toilet?

·        May I drink water?

·        I’m finished.

·        I’m sorry.

نسخه فارسی:

والدین محترم

احتراماً به اطلاع میرساند مطالب ذیل طی  فروردین و اردیبهشت ماه در کلاس زبان کار شده است.

·        غذا

·        فعالیت های بیرون از خانه و درون خانه

·        لغات مربوط به کریسمس و عید پاک


·        استفاده از does , do  برای صحبت کردن درباره غذا

·        استفاده از present continuous برای فعالیت های در حال اتفاق در زمان صحبت کردن


فعالیت جانبی
·        کریسمس

·        عید پاک


·        حیوانات اهلی

·        حیوانات وحشی

·        فواید بعضی از حیوانات اهلی

·        حیوانات و بچه هایشان

·        فصل ها


·        اعداد

·        نمودار

·        کمتر، بیشتر، برابر


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